THIS WEEK -- Sunday 10/26 at 8pm --
As part of a night of Multi-Media Comedy

An evening of Multi-media Comedy featuring three exciting performers
as part of our Funny Sunday Series

The performers...

FRISCO FRED - Multimedia Magician uses live feed video to give you a close up view of the action!

KURT WIETZMANN - Presents a piece from his show "Hysterical/Historical San Francisco".

COLIN MAHAN - Presents "Ball Trap - A Sci-Fi space Opera" a wild sendup/mashup of Sci-fi and 80s Action Movies.

-- $28 "General" ticket holders receive --
A Damn Good Show!

-- $30 VIP ticket holders receive --
Complimentary Wine or Toblorone!

-- $40 GOLD VIP ticket holders receive --
Complimentary Wine or Toblorone.
A selection of Kurt Weitzmann's fine art photography
A Comedy Juggling DVD by "Frisco Fred".
A Comedy On The Square T-SHIRT!

--- OUR MONTHLY SCHEDULE - We have shows Every Sunday at 8pm ---

1st Sunday of the month -- Street Magic Live! -- (Sept 7)

2nd Sunday of the month - -- Frisco Fred's Comedy Hour -- (Sept 14)

3rd Sunday of the month -- Street Magic Live! -- (Sept 21)

4th Sunday of the month -- Multimedia Night - "Science Fiction Space Opera" - (Sept 28)

5th Sunday of the month -- A Comedy Showcase Curated by award winning comedian/playwright Kurt Weitzmann. -- (Nov 30)

Also check out Frisco Fred on tour in...

"MINDBOGGLING - The Magic Show"

- Starring Andy Gross & Fred Anderson

A fully staged big theater magic experience with world class magician/ventriloquist Andy Gross and comic juggler Frisco Fred Anderson.


Oct 17 - Buchanan Theater, Buchanan VA

Oct 18 - Rex Theater, Galex VA

Oct 19 - Lincoln Theater, Marion VA

Oct 25 - Clark St. College, Springfield OH

Come to a show - You'll be glad you did!


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